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Trump donated his presidential salary – but ‘HAS been sent $65,600 in pension payments since leaving office’

DONALD Trump has received thousand in pension payments since leaving office after donating a portion of his presidential salary during his time in the White House.

Trump has reportedly received $65,600 in pension payments since becoming a private citizen in January.

Business Insider first reported the findings on Monday, citing a General Services Administration spokesperson.

The former president promised during his campaign to donate his salary if he was elected president, and he did write checks to different agencies every quarter, USA Today reported.

He made a $400,000 annual salary but donated a portion of it to government bodies, such as the National Parks Service, the Department of Education, and the Department of Transportation.

Business Insider pointed out that it is not clear whether or not Trump has actually kept the pension payments.

Although Trump did donate much of his presidential earnings while in office, he was still reportedly earning money in other ways during his term.

He continued to profit off of real estate he owned or managed and faced lawsuits that claimed he violated the Constitution's emoluments clauses, USA Today previously reported.

Trump’s net worth as of May 18 stands at $2.4billion, according to Forbes. That’s actually up from a previous report in July 2020, when he was reportedly worth $2.1billion.

By comparison, President Joe Biden and Jill Biden's income was reported to be $607,336 in 2020.

The White House released the Bidens' tax returns on Monday and revealed the couple’s income dropped from the $985,233 they earned in 2019.

Releasing a president's tax returns was a long-standing tradition prior to Trump's election, which ignored repeated calls to release his tax information.

"Today, the president released his 2020 federal income tax return, continuing an almost uninterrupted tradition," a statement from the White House said when the Biden’s returns were reported.

With Trump no longer in office and because he didn’t previously release his recent tax returns, it’s unclear what the former president made by comparison before he was sent pension payments in early 2021.

Former presidents do not have to accept a pension under the Constitution, Axios noted Monday.

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