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Towie’s Amber Turner reveals Chloe Sims started ANOTHER fight and refused to be in the same room with her during filming

TOWIE'S Amber Turner has revealed that Chloe Sims started a second fight with her after their first bust-up filming the Christmas Special.

The two women clashed again as their feud escalated over Dan Edgar after Amber, 26, dubbed Chloe, 37, a "crazy lunatic" over their original bout.

In between scenes, Chloe refused to be in the same room as Amber and screamed at producers that she felt "mugged off".

Amber exclusively tells The Sun Online: "The whole cast were filming again the next day and in between scenes she started screaming 'I don't want to be in the same room as her, she's mugged me off'.

"We were eating dinner and she just started screaming at the producers that she didn't want to be around me.

"The next minute she had left the room and I was left eating my roast with my boyfriend and my friends.

"I just think the whole thing is very strange. It is just petty, immaturity from someone who is more than 10 years older than me."

Chloe had a brief romance with Dan during a break in his relationship with Amber, and was left heartbroken after he led her on and then reunited with his girlfriend.

And now Amber tells us she doesn't think she's done anything wrong.

"Dan and Chloe's friendship was done a long time ago," she says.

"He's tried to make things better but she hasn't wanted to know. I don't have any regrets, I honestly don't think I have done anything wrong or to feel regret over.

"I honestly don't think I've done anything wrong. I would have sorted this out months ago if she hadn't been childish.

"There has been zero maturity shown by her in my eyes. Can I just say that after this I never want to talk about this woman ever again."

The two women came face to face earlier this month while shooting the Christmas Special, with Chloe seen shouting at Amber.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online a few weeks ago, Amber revealed: "Me and Chloe haven't had a conversation in eight-months however because she's refused to speak to me and it just got to boiling point.
"She ended up losing her shit, screaming at me and pointing in my face. She showed herself up massively.

"She was screaming like a lunatic. She was squaring up to me like a loon. I was just shocked. I couldn't believe she lost it like that."

Amber continued: "All I have ever wanted is for this to be squashed. I haven't said anything nasty about her and I could have done.

"I just feel like she is irrelevant to me. But it does take two people to have an adult conversation.

"If one person isn't able to be adult about it you can't resolve anything. It's not really in my character to scream and shout like a lunatic but it's obviously in hers."

Amber also revealed Towie stars past and present think Chloe has handled the situation badly too, but are too afraid to say anything.

She said: "Former cast members who have known Chloe for years have come up to me and said what she did was an absolute p*** take.

"I do think some cast members are scared of her or scared to upset her.

"No normal human being would think what she did was right. You don't go with someone's ex-boyfriend. "You just don't. It doesn't matter if we were close or not. It is such a shame that that isn't imbedded in her morals."

The Sun Online has contacted a representative for Chloe for comment.



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