Tom Zanetti has paid a touching tribute to his late girlfriend Elizabeth Rose Pickavance, on what would have been her birthday.

Known affectionately as Lizzie, the DJ's former girlfriend died in August 2010 at the age of 20 in a car crash as she drove home from work in Manchester.

To mark her birthday on July 30, Tom wrote: "Happy Birthday Elizabeth Rose Pickavance. We all miss you, will always love you and forever wish I could have seen how you grown into the perfect lady with each year older.

"Memories can’t be taken."

Lizzie's vehicle crashed into a tree, and she later died in hospital.

She had been living with the DJ in Leeds at the time of the crash.

Tom Zanetti pays tribute to late girlfriend who died in car crash (



Marking 10 years since her death last year Tom took to Instagram writing: "Today is the day you went that you went to heaven, It's unfair you was taken so young.

""It hurts so bad and we all want you back, Its worse knowing it can't be undone.

"The wishing or crying just won't bring u home, We have to cope with you being apart. But weel [sic] never forget you, your so very loved, and you will always live on in our hearts."

He added: "I watched you go, and carried you in. I know you could feel me holding your hand.

"We will always love you. Your spirit, and the memories we all have can never be taken.

Tom's late girlfriend Lizzie died aged just 20 (



"Your Mum, Dad, twin brothers and sister will all be in my prayers tonight.

"Please send down the strength they need, and shine the magic only you had to help them and everyone through each day xxx.

Tom has opened up about juggling grief as well as being a dad while he was starting out in his music career.

Tom is one of the UK's most popular DJs

The 32-year-old DJ, who came from humble beginnings in Leeds, completely turned his life around when he became a dad to son Deaconn at just 17.

Not long after, his world was shattered when his girlfriend Lizzie passed away after falling asleep at the wheel of her car.

Speaking to Darcy Aspinall and Harry Tweedy on their podcast 5 Years Time, he explained: "I met Lizzie when I was 18, she came to move in with me and Deaconn and she passed away because she fell asleep at the wheel. She passed away in a car crash."

Tom Zanetti became a dad to son Deaconn at the age of 17

Tom was grieving the loss of his girlfriend around the time that he had begun to host parties and build a name for himself in the nightclub world.

The dad of one added: "I was a party guy, with a lot of things in the back of my mind and things I had to deal with. I was trying to look after my son at the same time as dealing with grief... endless hurdles, but you just got to crack on and keep on moving, you can't stop."