Sometimes being out in the sun all day can really take its toll on you.

So we can sympathise with this woman who’s obviously got a little tired after being out all day and needed a snooze.

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But she was so fatigued with the Benidorm sunshine that she nodded off on the back of a mobility scooter in a rather uncomfortable position.



She was so sleepy that she didn’t even stir as she went past the brouhaha outside Rocky’s Pub on Calle Gerona in the Spanish holiday hotspot.

Open-mouthed, she just relaxes and flops over the back of the scooter, wobbling slightly when the driver goes over a bump.

DJ Yogi Parkin who filmed the sleepy spectacle said: ‘I was DJing there last week and someone came over and asked me if I wanted one of his onion bhajis so nothing surprises me.

‘I’ve seen one old lady in a scooter with the grown men on it also. So nothing surprises me when I’m there.’

Mobility scooters like the one seen in the video have been officially banned from the pavements of Benidorm as of March this year.

The council that oversee the popular Spanish resort brought in a fine of £430 for violators and for anyone going faster than 12mph.

The rules also apply to Segways, unicycles and hover boards.