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Tinder user tells how Grace Millane’s killer tried to lure her into his clutches hours after Brit’s murder


A TINDER dater told yesterday how the killer of British backpacker Grace Millane tried to lure her into his clutches hours after the murder.

The woman resisted the evil creep’s advances on the date after feeling uneasy when he told of a “friend” who killed a woman during rough sex.

She later discovered that while she was hooking up with the killer online, Grace was lying strangled in a suitcase.

The killer, who is not being named, trawled Tinder the morning after he throttled Grace, 21, during sex at a hotel.

The other woman spoke for the first time of her narrow escape yesterday after he was jailed for life for killing Grace in New Zealand while on a Tinder date with her.

The woman - who chatted to him online for two weeks before they met - said: “He was bigger than his photos showed; obviously he had put on some weight.

"He was very, very clean. His clothes looked clean and he was well-groomed.
“I guess because he had said one thing in messages about where he worked and a different thing on the date, I started to feel a bit uneasy.”

The date fell apart when he talked of a rough sex killing - which was the same story he would later repeat in his defence at his trial.
The woman said: "He told me about a guy he knew in Australia who had consensual rough sex involving strangulation with his girlfriend but ended up accidentally killing her.

Earlier, Grace’s mum Gillian, of Wickford, Essex, told her daughter's killer “you ripped a hole in my heart” as he was sentenced in Auckland.

Grace Millane’s mum confronts ‘callous and depraved’ murderer in court as he’s jailed for 17 years