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TikTok video of person making tasty-looking bread with ‘talcum powder, baby oil and Febreze’ horrifies internet users

A TIKTOK video showing a person making a “bread” using talcum powder, baby oil and Febreze has left internet users horrified. 

The clip, which has racked up over two million views, shows the inedible ingredients leading to a surprisingly tasty-looking “loaf”. 

The video was uploaded on Twitter on Wednesday, with caption: “There r so many unhinged ppl on tiktok but this... theres something that feels so chaotic but so calculated im scared.”

The person begins by pouring a large quantity of talcum powder into mixing bowl, before pouring in some baby oil. 

Next, the ingredients are mixed, and then egg yolks are added in so the mixture becomes dough-like similar to traditional bread. 

The person then removes the “dough” and cleans the bowl, before adding a spritz of Febreze as an apparent substitute for cooking spray. 

After leaving the mixture in the bowl covered with a cloth, it is then made into a plaited design, brushed with egg and added to the oven. 

Upon removing, the bread looks nearly identical to a normal golden loaf and worryingly realistic.

Twitter users were left shocked and horrified at the bread-making video. 

One said: “The police need to be legitimately called.”

Another added: “She straight up planning on murdering someone with that loaf.”

However, some people were sceptical at the TikTok, with one claiming: “It’s def fake!

“There’s no way baby powder makes bread. They were def switching out ingredients between shots.”

Whether the baking is real or not, this should definitely not be tried at home. 

Eating talcum powder can lead to talc poisoning, and baby oil and Febreze can be extremely harmful if consumed too.

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