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TikTok pillow packing trick helps woman squeeze in more holiday outfits

When airline baggage allowances are tight, savvy travellers will stop at nothing to squeeze a few extra items of clothing onto a flight.

Take TikTok star Anya Iakovlieva, who this month shared her top packing hack for hand-luggage only travel.

In the video, Iakovlieva, who posts as @nolimitua, packs dozens of extra garments into a thin, empty pillowcase, and brings the fully-stuffed pillow on to the plane with her hand luggage.

The video shows the social media star miming “shhh” to the camera and boarding with the clothing-filled cushion, then winking at the camera once on board.

Most UK airlines will let you bring a travel pillow into the cabin for free. There are no published rules about whether this should be a traditional horseshoe-shaped neck pillow, or a household pillow like the one used in the video.

Iakovlieva has garnered 15,000 followers with her travel tips and videos on TikTok.

The video-sharing social media app is a hotbed of wacky packing tips: in one, edited to Willy Nelson’s On the Road Again, user @Oldladywisdom seals jewellery in sticky-back plastic so it packs as one flat item and doesn’t tangle.

Another from flight attendant Kat Kamalani shows how to wrap your shoes in plastic and use labelled packing cubes to stay hyper-organised, as well as storing dirty clothes in a separate compartment once on the road.

Meanwhile, user @MyLifesaTravelMovie recommends using travel compression bags to squeeze more items into a small suitcase.

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