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Thugs, 18, ‘filmed gang-rape of drunk girl, 17, at motel party then shared video on Snapchat’

THREE teenage boys gang raped a "heavily drunk" girl in a motel before filming and sharing the clip of her ordeal on Snapchat. 

Quentin Smith, Alexander Wood and Dominic Cboins, who are all 18, allegedly took turns to rape the 17 girl in a bedroom after she had downed an entire bottle of Parrot Bay rum. 

Court documents show the lads are charged with rape. 

Quentin Smith and Alexander Wood are charged with sending out those videos and pictures, and 18-year-old Dominic Cboins participated in the assaults

Fox 19 reports how prosecutors said Wood took advantage of the teen during a party at Masons In  n who was impaired and not able to consent or resist.

Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell said: "This particular victim didn’t have any idea the extent of what had happened because she was passed out. 

"During the course of the evening, two of the two defendants were sending out Snapchat photographs that were showing her passed out and being sexually assaulted."

Prosecutors say Smith contacted her later about her “sexual performance.”, according to WLWT.  

The court also heard how Snapchat videos disappear, the Warren County Sheriff's Office did a forensic examination of the phones.

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