A man who gave a prescription drug to a newborn girl after making internet searches on "how to kill a baby" has been jailed for more than 25 years.

Jamar Bailey, 21, was arrested after the three-week old became seriously ill and was placed in an intensive care unit at Birmingham Children's Hospital on June 27, 2020.

A urine test detected the sodium valporate – a drug used to treat epilepsy and bipolar disorder - which was potentially fatal to the newborn, reported BirminghamLive.

Police were notified as the drug could not have been ingested accidently.

Several items were seized and toxicology tests found evidence of the drug in the baby’s milk bottle.

Bailey was found to have made internet searches on "how to kill a baby" (


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Detectives found Bailey was taking medication for seizures and a search of his property found a prescription for a drug containing sodium valproate in his name.

Alarmingly detectives also found a search history on Bailey’s mobile phone for "how to poison a baby" and "how to kill a newborn baby".

William Boyce QC, prosecuting, said: "The baby woke crying. Her cries seemed different so her mother called 111.

"The next day, June 27, she was fed for a short time. When she next woke she was not latching onto the breast and her arms just dropped back.

"111 called an ambulance immediately. She was extremely unwell, hypothermic and unresponsive to stimulus.

"The initial investigation was around possible infection. She was unstable and transferred to the paediatric ICU.

"She was ventilated, she received treatment for raised ammonia levels. Her mother was always present at hospital.

"The doctors concluded that she sustained significant harm as a result of being administered sodium valproate."

The baby could have gone into a coma, suffered liver damage, low blood pressure - but fortunately appears to have made a full recovery from her ordeal, the court heard.

Although it won’t be known until she is older if there are any lasting effects.

John O'Higgins, defending, said the "absence of any similar offending" along with Bailey's "age and immaturity" were the main mitigating factors.

He told the court Bailey had been assessed as having special educational needs earlier in life and was "inarticulate" and lacked intelligence.

"He has an inability to express himself. He has only been able to give a confused account of what was behind his actions," he said.

"His actions speak louder than words. In his guilty plea, he acknowledges his guilt with full intent. He admits not just the act but the intent that is a huge step for a young man to make - for that can infer a degree of insight and remorse.

"There is no mitigation in terms of the offence other than he was clearly overwhelmed with the situation.

"He has a significant long-term medical condition which he does not appear to have managed well.

"Whether his failure to take his medication impacted is unclear."

Bailey, of Winson Green, was jailed for 25 and a half years and barred from ever working with children or vulnerable adults.

Judge Roderick Henderson told Bailey: "There are two very clear victims. There is the baby who you attempted to kill but significant aggravating feature of this case is the other victim, her mother.

"That baby was taken from her, she herself was suspected of trying to kill her own child and at a time when a mother is expecting to bond with that child, [the baby] was deprived of that.

"In my judgement that other aspect, the second victim, makes it much more serious. I apply a 15 per cent discount because your plea was late in the day, you left it until you were backed into a corner.

"There is a significant risk of harm to people as a result of you potentially repeating this offence."

Bailey, who appeared via video link, was also handed a four month sentence for possession of black mamba with intent to supply, which will run concurrently to his "enormous" prison term, the judge said.

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