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This Morning viewers slam Phillip Schofield for ‘attacking’ elderly couple who were accused of murdering their son

THIS Morning viewers hit out at Phillip Schofield today for his conduct during an interview with an elderly couple who were accused of murdering their son.

Steven Clark, then 23, vanished after going into a public toilet in Saltburn, North Yorkshire on December 28, 1992.

His parents Charles and Doris Clark were arrested after a cold case review in September last year.

They appeared on This Morning today to discuss the upcoming ITV documentary about the case, but viewers felt that Phillip wasn’t very sympathetic.

When Doris told them she last saw her son when he went into a public toilet, Phil was incredulous that she didn’t go in after him. 

He told her: "I think if I was walking with my mum, she would be standing there for awhile and then she would be wondering where I was and then she would be definitely have been shouting through the door and then she would probably, knowing my mum, have come in to make sure I hadn’t fallen over on the floor."

Looking a little shaken, Doris replied: "Well I never thought that. I went into the ladies first and then came out and stood. People have asked me why i didn’t go in. 

"He would have been horrified if I had gone in, he was 23, he was an adult, it was not as if he was a child."

Phillip snapped back: "You can still fall over and bang your head when you are 23."

She told him: "I wouldn’t have thought to do that."

Later in the interview, he bluntly asked them if they hoped he would still walk through the door - leaving those watching at home baffled by his directness.

One angry viewer wrote:   "Phillip is so beyond unprofessional during this interview, putting the poor woman on a guilt trip and asking stupid f**kin questions #ThisMorning (sic)."

Another commented: “Do you still hope he'll walk through your door?What a crass, stupid quesion. Phil, windyour neck in! #thismorning.”

While someone else added: “Philip has been an embarrassment during this interview. Interrogating this poor mum, whose son is missing for 28 years. Have a bit of f**king sympathy Phil for f**k sake. #ThisMorning.”

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