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This Is Us fans left ‘crying, screaming and emotionally wrecked’ by harrowing new season 5 episodes


THIS IS US fans have been left “crying, screaming and emotionally wrecked” by harrowing new season 5 episodes. 

Since launching in 2016 it’s become one of the most talked about show’s ever thanks to its twists and turns, and now it’s tackling some major storylines that are leaving viewers unable to cope.

Last night This Is Us returned with a two hour special that saw it tackle a whole host of heart wrenching topics including the coronavirus pandemic, black lives matter, police brutality and living with dementia.

And not only that but it also teased that someone viewers had long thought dead might actually still be alive. 

Fans were understandably left ill prepared for such an emotionally charged premiere (it’s been a hard year) and flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “Crying and just crying #ThisIsUs”

#ThisIsUs has continued to wreck me emotionally time and time again. @SterlingKBrown and @skelechiwatson relationship....................... every conversation they have i’m crying for some reason?!,” added a second.

While a third penned: “Up late crying after watching #thisisus and then the ending”

Who is in the cast of season 5 of This Is Us?

The cast includes ALL of the Pearson family members and their respective partners.

Fans of the show already knew that the current pandemic was going to be incorporated into the show as Kevin was seen wearing a mask in the trailer.

Kevin’s and Randall’s troubled relationship will also be explored in season five, as well as Rebecca's ailing health and battle with Dementia.

What’s more, Randall, Kate and Kevin can all be seen celebrating their 40th birthdays. But do they all have the exact same date of birth?

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