Trees planted to improve the look of a residential area in the north of Swansea have been destroyed by vandals.

Swansea Council began a programme of tree planing around Penlan earlier this year, placing almost 150 trees across the area.

The semi-mature trees are a mix of native and ornamental species, and include oak and birch, ornamental pears and cherries, alder, maple, rowan, Austrian pine and sweet gum.

The trees stand between 10ft and 12ft tall, and started appearing on and around the green areas of Heol Gwyrosydd in April.


The programme is being carried out by the tree services unit on behalf of the housing team, which plans to introduce a further 250 to the 144 already planted around nearby streets by the end of 2020

But despite being in the ground for only a matter of months, some of the new trees have been targeted by vandals.

Trees uprooted in Penlan
The stump of a freshly planted tree

At least a dozen were uprooted, snapped or damaged, eight of those on Tuesday night alone.

It is understood one resident attempted to confront a number of youths believed to have been involved, but then withdrew from the scene.

More about vandalism:

The targeted trees are located around Jeffrey's Court, Penderry Road, and Heol Gwyrosydd.

Swansea Council said the police had been informed of the damage.


A spokesman for the authority said: “We are in the process of planting a large number of trees in and around the Penlan area.

“The work is part of the council’s efforts to meet the Welsh housing quality standard and help improve the local environment for everyone living in the community.

“It’s disappointing to find a small number of these trees have been vandalised.

“We would urge anyone that witnesses this anti-social and selfish behaviour to contact either the council or local police so we can take action.”