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The Repair Shop’s Suzie Fletcher bursts into tears as emotional restoration reminds her of late husband

THE Repair Shop's Suzie Fletcher was left in tears as an emotional restoration was a reminder of her late husband.

The top saddle maker was reminded of her own heart ache when guest Julie Yates asked her to fix one of her most prized possessions.

Julie brought in an old rocking horse for Suzie to fix up for her as it meant the world to her because it still had a marking her husband had put on it when they first got it back in the 80s.

The guest wanted Suzie to recover the horse, but also to see if they could still see where her beloved partner had signed it.

As Suzie got to work on the saddle, she made an amazing discovery and became overwhelmed with emotions.

She took the leather off and had a sneak peek underneath and found it hard to fight back the tears.

Suzie told the camera: "I too lost my husband to cancer.

"It seems so insignigicant, someone's name that they wrote, it's so peresonal. I'm really pleased for Julie that it's here. Really pleased for the children."

As things got a little much for the expert, her brother Steve, who also stars in the show and specialises in clocks, came over to give her a hug.

Suzie added: "I didn't think that would happen! This is going to be a very emotional job to do, but incredibly worth while..."

It comes after a guest on the hit show sobbed with joy as his 60-year-old stuffed animal was restored.

Toy experts Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell Charles Longley brought in a beloved stuffed toy monkey called Midge that had seen better days.

He was amazed when the pair handed his toy back over to him looking basically brand new.

Charles said: "That’s how I remember his face. There’s a sparkle in his eye, isn’t there?”

“I wish dad could see him waving again, that would have been fantastic. Great memories, he’d love it.”

The Repair Shop airs daily at 4.30pm on BBC One

The Repair Shop guest close to tears after his 60-year-old childhood monkey is restored back to life

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