With the country hopefully coming out of the other side of the coronavirus pandemic, plenty of new TV shows are set to hit our screens.

Many shows were forced to come to a halt due to the pandemic, but others managed to keep us preoccupied and amused during lockdown, reports Birmingham Live.

One of those series was Line of Duty which reached a much-anticipated conclusion - but it did split many fans down the middle with the controversial ending.

Sources have now revealed, however, that the Queen herself is a fan of Line of Duty - and reportedly enjoys discussing it with other members of the royal household.

A royal source told The Times : “The Queen was very into Line of Duty and enjoyed discussing the plotlines with Tony.”

The drama had millions of viewers on tenterhooks as they battled to work out the identity of “H”.

Jed Mercurio’s cop drama joins the Queen’s mix of favourite programmes, which reportedly include Dad’s Army and The X Factor.

It's also been reported that Her Majesty enjoys watching ITV's period drama Downton Abbey - and pointing out the mistakes.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

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