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The One Show descends into chaos as Shakira freezes – before Alex Jones cuts her off

THE One Show descended into chaos tonight when Shakira froze via video link, before Alex Jones had no choice but to cut her off.

The Columbian singer appeared on the BBC show on Friday night as she discussed her brand new single with Alex and co-host Ronan Keating.

While the beautiful brunette at first appeared on screen without a problem, it was quickly noticed by the hosts that her video link kept freezing.

Trying to talk alongside DJ Mark Ronson, Shakira's picture remained stationary while just her voice could be heard coming from the screen.

Welsh presenter Alex did her best to keep the conversation going by discussing the two artists' choice in Olympic sports.

"Mark, racewalking, would that be for you?" she jokingly asked the legendary record producer as she held back laughter.

The DJ replied: "I've heard of it, your feet aren't allowed to fully leave the ground. I think that is right up my street, that's my speed."

Ronan then turned his attention to Shakira, asking her "what her Olympic sport would be" - but he was met with complete silence.

As the co-hosts and viewers back home eagerly waited for her to speak, Alex said: "Oh I thought she was just looking gorgeous, but she's frozen."

Alex diverted the attention of fans by introducing a snippet of her new song, Don't Wait Up, which proceeded to play.

They then flicked through guests to avoid any awkwardness as they struggled to get hold of Shakira behind the scenes.

She was finally brought back for a chat at the end of the show as she began to discuss what it felt like to be back in the studio.

Shakira said: "It's great to be in a room or in a studio with other collaborators, everything I've got inside is pouring out in the shape of songs."

As she babbled on about her journey to creating music again, Alex Jones had to cut her off mid speech to say the show had ended.

"Shakira, we're going to have to stop you there," she interjected. "Great to see you, and we'll see you on Monday."

She could be heard saying before the credits began to roll: "Well, that was a race to the finish wasn't it?"

Fans immediately flooded to social media to slam the show for their "unprofessional" handling on the Columbian singer .

One began: "Sorry, but cutting Shakira off that was incredible rude and unprofessional," as a second agreed: "Very unprofessional."

"If you knew you had mere seconds left, you should have cut your losses instead of effectively blanking an international music star," a third chimed in. "I think an statement of apology is owed."

"We want Shakira back, this was disrespectful," a fourth said, while another agreed: "Omg this is so sad, they cut Shakira off she only spoke for about 45 seconds."

The One Show continues on BBC One on weekdays at 7pm.

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