We may have a good idea of what to expect in the next season of The Crown.

The Netflix royal drama will see Gillian Anderson portray Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher opposite Olivia Colman as The Queen , but what will their relationship be like?

Speaking on The Crown: The Official Podcast , creator Peter Morgan discussed the Queen's relationships with her early prime ministers.

Morgan said: "I've always found it useful when thinking about her relationships with those men to think of them in family terms. [Sir Winston] Churchill was a grandfather as a paradigm, then [Harold] Macmillan very much a father. I don't really count [Sir Alec] Douglas-Home, he was so brief and he was a family friend, but [Harold] Wilson is the first - you understand what I mean when I say - husband-paradigm, he's roughly the same age or he's within a decade I think.

"I think that necessarily creates a different relationship. Then you move through all the different prime ministers and you get to someone like [Tony] Blair who would have been the first son. And Ed Miliband, had he - there was a brief moment, of course - he would have been a grandson."

Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher attend a ball to celebrate the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting hosted by President Kenneth Kaunda on August 01, 1979

When discussing the controversial Margaret Thatcher, however, he said she would have been "a twin, they're six months apart.

"That's very much one of those emblems. The eagle with two heads, facing in opposite directions."

Morgan also spoke about "a lot of similarities and a lot of differences" between the two women.

"They have got an awful lot in common, not least their gender," he said, "which sometimes the things that you think will bring two people together actually drives them apart."

Just how frosty could things get between them in the series?

The Crown seasons 1-3 are available on Netflix.