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Terrifying moment sex-crazed 13ft elephant charges safari truck leaving tourists fleeing for their lives

TERRIFYING footage shows an enormous six ton sex-crazed elephant charges a safari truck and  tourists flee for their lives.

The 13-foot tall testosterone fuelled tusker, which was in season for mating, had become enraged when the two vehicles came close to its breeding herd. 

Both trucks come to a halt behind each other on a dirt road on the Selati Game Reserve near Hoedspruit on the edge of the Kruger Great Park in South Africa. 

But as an incredible video shows, the bull elephant in control of the herd becomes angry and  warning charges the first vehicle to move away. 

The guide on the viewing seat in front of the bonnet had to jump out for his life as the elephant’s tusks sliced through the bodywork of the safari truck like a knife through butter.

It then lifts the 11-seater vehicle off the ground and pushes it off the road. 

Throughout the 30 second attack screams from two students inside the vehicle can be heard.

Fortunately just as the safari truck is on the point of being rolled over the bull elephant breaks off its attack and stands defiantly in front of them. 

A guide from the second safari truck runs to help the three girls who are frozen with fear in their seats, shouting “get out, get out, get out”.

He orders them to run to the safety of his truck, keeping the wrecked first safari truck between them and the bull elephant as the guide and spotter also escape. 

Bull elephants when they are ready to breed with the cows in the herd go into what is called musth where their testosterone level can multiply by up to sixty times.

The become sexually aggressive and highly violent towards humans and they secrete a tar like discharge on the side of their heads which warns of their sexual arousal. 

In 2018 a top safari ranger Mark Lautenbach, 33, was trampled to death by a sexually-charged bull elephant that had broken into a game park lodge on a rampage. 

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