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Teen Mom Kayla Sessler admits Stephan may NOT be son Izaiah’s dad as she had sex with ex the month tot was conceived

TEEN Mom's Kayla Sessler admits in an intense conversation with with her mother, Jaime Villacorta, that her ex Ryan might be Izaiah's real dad.

On the teaser clip, Kayla, 22, opened up to Jaime, 44, about her doubts of Stephen Alexander, 23, being her son's real father.

Kayla admitted to Jaime that when she found out she was pregnant with Izaiah, now 4, she was not only sleeping with her now-ex Stephan, but was sleeping her high school fling Ryan as well.

In the teaser clip, the Teen Mom star told her mother, Jamie, that Ryan wanted a paternity test.

This appeared to complicate matters of Luke Davis, Kayla's fiancé, adopting Izaiah, in Jaime's opinion.

But Kayla seemed unconcerned.

Upon learning about Ryan's request for a DNA test, Jaime demanded that Kayla pull up a photo of Ryan.

Jaime stated that Ryan looked "just like Iziah," although Kayla "just knows that Stephan is the father."

Kayla's mother asked: "Does Luke know about this?"

The MTV star replied: "I mean, it was before him."

She added that Izaiah could view Ryan as the paternal father and Luke could be a "bonus parent."

Jaime said: "You can't expect Luke to go back to being a 'bonus' parent."

Kayla responded that she "doesn't think Luke's relationship is going to change" with Izaiah.


Fans of the show took to Instagram to sound off, as many of them saw the "shocking" similarities between Izaiah and Ryan in the photo Kayla showed Jaime.

One fan added: "I'm glad her mom said it because I was thinking the same thing last episode..."

But many fans were quick to criticize Kayla as well: "It's lowkey crazy in 3 years she never really mentioned that there's another possible baby dad."

Another said: "I feel like she didn't want to tell Luke at all about this and that's weird."


In last week's episode, Ryan demanded the DNA test from Kayla.

The Teen Mom star broke the shocking news on the MTV show and said: "I got a weird text from an ex that I haven't heard from in a long time and he's bringing up stuff I thought we had already resolved."

Kayla explained that she and Ryan dated for a couple of months in high school while she was on a break in her relationship with Stephan.

Back when she was pregnant with the four-year-old, Ryan asked if he was the father and she insisted that the baby was Stephan’s.

It seemed like Ryan didn’t accept Kayla’s answer, as the MTV star revealed he recently texted her saying he wanted to do a DNA test to confirm he isn't Izaiah’s father.

Kayla said Ryan’s request caught her by surprise and joked she would have taken the opportunity to raise Izaiah with someone other than Stephan if she was able to.

She said: "I don't feel like Ryan's the dad, because if I thought that I would have done that, guys, so long ago.

"I would have done that as soon as Izaiah was born, 'cause Stephan hasn't been s**t from the start.”


Fans of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant have watched Kayla and Stephan's rocky relationship over the years.

During a recent episode of the MTV show, Kayla sat down with her ex's mom before a physical fight ensued.

Security quickly intervened in the physical altercation, though Kayla and Stephan's mother continued to hurl insults at each other.

Stephan has not been a consistent figure in Izaiah's life, while Kayla previously revealed during a Q&A with fans that he has been out of the picture for some time.

After a fan asked when they last saw Stephan, Kayla replied: "Remember the scene last season where I took Izaiah to the park to meet Stephan?

Yeah, that was the last time. I was still pregnant with Ariah and Zay was only one."

Teen Mom Kayla Sessler's ex Ryan claims he is her son Izaiah's real dad and NOT Stephan Alexander as he demands a DNA test

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