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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed for mocking ex-fiance Nathan Griffith’s drinking in old clip from show

TEEN Mom alum Jenelle Evans came under fire for mocking ex fiance Nathan Griffith for his alcohol battle with a series of hand gestures and eye rolls.

The MTV star took to her TikTok page to replay a former Teen Mom episode in which Nathan, with whom she shares a son, talks of his struggle with booze.

Alongside the clip Jenelle, 28, can be seen filming her live reactions, as she pummels her forehead with her hand before placing it in front of her mouth to mask a giggle.

She then rolls her eyes as Nathan admitted: "Sometimes I drink too much."

Jenelle then appeared to mouth something to the camera as her ex claimed he did not drink in the day, before nodding her head to reinforce the point.

The mom of three then covered her eyes and forehead as the short clip rounded out, briefly capturing her current husband David Eason in the background.

Her followers were less than impressed with her catty attitude, and started a thread on forum site Reddit to express their anger.

One raged: "I love it. She gets mad that people use old footage of her and won't move on from her being on teen mom. But sits here using it for attention, but omg you guys leave me alone, it's all in the past! 🙄."

Another posted: "She's such an embarrassment. like she is so f**king embarrassing I can't even get through the video."

A third posted: "Of course she’s starting s**t for no reason."

One then commented: "LMAO like she should be making fun of anyone with substance abuse problems," as another put: "She’s one to talk her husband broke her collarbone 'drunk'. Or are we just conveniently forgetting that?

"Also why is she doing this now?"

Another then concluded: "I guarantee she made this TikTok sipping a corona in the middle of the day."

The Oak Island native's mocking came shortly after she reached a custody agreement with Nathan over their son Kaiser, aged six.

Jenelle had previously claimed that when the children got taken by CPS, Nathan and his mom kept Kaiser away from her.

TMZ revealed this month that Jenelle and Nathan, 33, have finally agreed to share custody of their son – along with Nathan's mom, Doris.

According to documents obtained by the outlet, Jenelle will have primary custody of Kaiser, while Nathan will get him every other weekend.

Nathan's mom will then get Kaiser every fifth weekend and whenever her son can't care for him on his designated weekend.

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