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Teen Mom Chelsea Houska’s daughter Aubree, 11, looks all grown up at her school concert in proud mom’s new photo

CHELSEA Houska has shared a photo of her first-born daughter Aubree looking all grown up as she attended her school band concert.

The Teen Mom star's oldest child recently became a big sister four times over, after her mom gave birth to a new baby on January 25th.

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Aubree, 11, has matured greatly during her time on television, as she made her MTV debut during birth on 16 & Pregnant in 2009.

Chelsea took to Instagram to show off her grown-up-looking little girl, who smiled brightly for a school concert.

Wearing a long-sleeved white shirt and copper high waisted pants, the reality star looked adorable as she prepared for her performance.

Aubree wore braces and had highlights in her hair, as she enters her pre-teen years.

Chelsea captioned the photo: "Band concert for my girl 🤍" and many of her followers commented on how "big" her daughter has gotten over the years.

The mom of four recently shared her distress over her first child getting older, after she shared a funny text conversation between her and Aubree.

After asking the 11-year-old to join her for a movie in bed, the middle schooler denied her mom's request so she could watch Harry Styles videos instead.

"Just started Scoob and having popcorn in my bed if you want to come up," Chelsea texted, to which Aubree responded: "I want to stay down hereeeee."

The young mom was saddened as she replied: "Okie" before her daughter texted back: "I'm watching 1D."

While sharing the exchange to her story, she captioned the image: "One day they're young and you're having movie nights in your bed and the next, they are ditching you to watch One Direction and Harry Styles."

Later, Chelsea shared a sweet boomerang clip where Aubree was cuddling her newborn sister on the floor.

"Only time she will hang out with us is when the baby is awake," she complained.

Chelsea shares Aubree with her ex Adam Lind, whom she has said is “like a ghost" in their lives.

The reality star is now married to Cole DeBoer, and the couple has three children of their own.

In late December, the South Dakota native shared a sentimental throwback photo of her televised birth with Aubree.

In the cute photo, the then-teenager cradled her first-born while sitting on the hospital bed.

"Baby Aubree and a baby Chelsea in 2009," she wrote.

"I want to thank you all for watching my story, supporting me, and rooting for me the last 11 years. I am proud of my full story that I was able to share."

The now 29-year-old added: "And to all the single mamas out there, or to those of you feeling stuck in a bad relationship...

"I’m rooting for you, too. You got this."

Her inspirational post follows her decision to quit the Teen Mom franchise, after a decade of filming.

The star's father Randy, assisted in the decision by suggesting "it was time" that Aubree experienced her childhood outside of reality TV.

Chelsea and Cole agreed that leaving was "bittersweet", but the "right thing" to do.

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