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Teen branded a genius for 10-second trick that turns grapes into vodka-filled party treats

A TEEN HAS been praised for her 10-second trick that turns grapes into vodka-filled treats. 

Isabella Gerace, 19, from Melbourne, posted a video on Sunday showing her with a bottle of vodka and a plate of the green fruit.

To make the alcoholic party snack, she then injects vodka into each grape using a syringe. 

Then she dips the fruit in a liquid syrup made from sugar and water before leaving it to harden. 

Isabella then showed in her popular TikTok video how she is able to eat it like a sweet. 

She wrote in the caption: “Blow this up!!! It's my first TikTok.”

Since uploading her ‘grape hack’, Isabella’s video has had over 370,000 views, with many people praising her saying things like “omg this is awesome” and “okay wow”.

One woman said: “Nah this is the best thing I've seen!”

Others said they have been inspired by the trick to try different fruits, like strawberries, blueberries and watermelon. 

Many people said they wanted to try the vodka-infused grapes for their next night out. 

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