A taxi passenger was caught on camera racially abusing the driver after he refused to give her a ride.

In the shocking clip, posted on Twitter by cabbie UberMan on Tuesday evening, the unnamed young woman calls the driver a "stupid p***" after he claims he has not been paid to make the journey.

The booking appears to have been made through the Bolt app and pick up from around Tower Hamlets in east London.

The video, taken from dashcam footage inside the cab, starts in the middle of the row.

The driver says "have you paid me anything?" to which the woman responds "how did I book this cab?"

The passenger spouts racial slurs at the taxi driver after he refuses to give her a ride (



The cabbie then tells her to text the company the booking was made through "and they will refund you the money", adding: "You haven't paid me anything."

She asks who she is supposed to ring after questioning how the booking was made if money hadn't been transferred.

The driver says: "Ask [whoever] booked it. Why are you talking to me like that?"

The driver tells her he hasn't been paid to make the trip (



The passenger then says: "We booked you, so take me to my destination."

She then makes a phone call and the driver repeats: "Contact the company, you haven’t paid me anything."

While on the phone via her headphones, the passenger then appears to be taking photos or a video of inside the taxi.

The cabbie says: "Send them a message and they will refund you the money. I don’t know why you are making a fuss about it."

The woman then appears to say: "Mum, this is stupid. I could have covered my face. You f****** idiot."

The passenger bangs the seat and side of the cab with her bag as she gets out (



Seemingly switching to address the driver mid-sentence, she says: "Suck your stinkin' mother, you stupid p***, bruv. Fucking silly p***."

As she gets out of the cab she bangs the seat with her purse then appears to hit the side of car several times.

In his tweet, UberMan said: "Driver gets racially abused and the @metpoliceuk or @TfLTPH or @boltapp can’t do anything about it. This is London 2021."

In another tweet, he added: "This girl needs to be found. I am still furious the police [nor] bolt have done anything to find her.

"Please retweet and share until someone somewhere knows her. She’s from the London E2/E3 area."

The Mirror has contacted the Met, TFL and Bolt for comment.

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