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Suzanne Morphew’s tearful friends plead with husband Barry to ‘tell us where she is’ after his murder charge

SUZANNE Morphew's friends pleaded with her husband Barry to "tell us where she is" after his arrest and murder charge in her presumed death.

Suzanne, a mom of two, went missing last year on Mother's Day, and Barry was arrested Wednesday, nearly a full year later.

However, despite the charges, police confirmed that Suzanne's body has still not been found.

A friend of Suzanne's, Tish Leewaye, told KOAA that her friends are determined to get justice and pleaded with Barry to cooperate with investigators.

"Just please tell us where she is at so we can get the closure that everyone wants," Leewaye said.

Leewaye said that Barry's arrest on Wednesday was a big deal, but the missing mom's friends won't rest until they get her "justice."

"We'll find you girl, and get justice, and Happy Mother's Day," she said.

"We are glad [Wednesday's arrest] happened, very glad. I know we are not supposed to be glorious, but you got to have some kind of closure. This was a good day; it'll be better when we can put her to rest."

Barry Morphew, 53, was charged on Wednesday with first-degree murder, tampering with evidence, and attempt to influence a public servant in relation to his wife's disappearance.

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office and the 11th Judicial District Attorney’s Office announced they arrested Barry and charged him with the death of his wife.

They confirmed that they no longer believe Suzanne is alive nearly a year after her disappearance, and don't expect to charge anyone else.

Suzanne, 49, was reported missing by her neighbor on Mother's Day, last May 10, after vanishing from her Colorado home.

She reportedly left her home on a solo bike ride and never returned, with police later finding her bike less than a mile away from the couple's Maysville home.

The details of the evidence that led to Barry's arrest are sealed, but District Attorney Linda Stanley told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday that her office would not have brought charges against Barry without being "confident" about the case.

After his wife's disappearance, Barry pushed the possibility that Suzanne went missing due to an animal attack, an accident with someone on the road, or a run-in with another person during media interviews.

The husband even offered a $100,000 reward for information on his wife's whereabouts - an amount matched by a concerned family friend.

He also posted videos online last year as he claimed he hoped for her return home.

"Oh Suzanne, if anyone is out there and can hear this, that has you, please, we’ll do whatever it takes to bring you back," he said in a May 17 video posted to Facebook.

"We love you, we miss you, your girls need you.

"No questions asked, however much they want – I will do whatever it takes to get you back. Honey, I love you, I want you back so bad," he added.

Barry appeared in court for the first time on Thursday, heard his charges, and was ordered held without bail.

Barry Morphew in court in jail jumpsuit over ‘murder’ of wife Suzanne

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