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Support your dairy farmers: Six reasons to drink milk #Februdairy

In today’s health conscious world and with more and more people turning to plant based diets, we explore the health benefits of drinking milk - one of the most nutritious products there is.


1) Nutrients:

Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, not many single foods are as high in nutrients as one glass of milk, according to

These include important vitamins such as B2 and B12 (B12 is especially important in tackling anemia and keeping blood cells healthy), along with being a great source of calcium and protein.

2) Stress buster:

The whey protein present in dairy can help to boost your mood during stressful periods of time.


3) Historic:

The increase in fad diets over recent years has somewhat tainted the benefits of consuming milk, but it has been helping to nourish our nation for over 11,000 years.

In 2018, leading nutritionists and UK scientists launched The Milk Manifesto which aims to really highlight how milk really benefits our bodies. Read more here.

4) Heart health:

Science has shown us that as milk is high in calcium, iodine and protein, a mix that has a positive relationship with decreasing type 2 diabetes and improving heart health.


5) Children:

We know the calcium content in milk is absolutely beneficial to good bone health and is a great addition to a child’s healthy, balanced diet.

The Government were considering reintroducing free school milk in an attempt to improve children’s health alongside boosting struggling dairy producers. Read more here.

6) Tasty:

It is delicious. What more do you want?