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Stylist reveals why you should NEVER skip a patch test & it’s not just for the allergic reaction

IF YOU thought a strand test prior to colouring your hair was just to check that you're not allergic to the bleach or dye, then think again.

A professional hair stylist has revealed the reason why you should never pass on a patch test before having your hair done and it will leave you shocked.

TikTok user Mari Kay Hair explained that strand tests, especially when using bleach, can actually determine how it will take to your hair and could help to prevent a hair disaster.

They revealed that a client had come to them wanting a subtle balayage, but the patch test revealed that bleach was a no go for her hair.

"This is why a strand test is mandatory," the hairdresser revealed in a video where she showed off the results of the strand test and how the hair broke in two.

In the footage - that has been watched over 2million times online, the stylist explains: "So I had the sweetest client come in for a consultation today and she asked for a subtle balayage nothing too light or platinum.

"And thank god I did a strand test because look what happened."

The camera then panned to a chunk of hair that had been bleached that broke off from the end of the strand being tested.

Revealing that she would have been forced to chop off the girl's hair if she had gone straight in with the colour, the stylist insisted: "Had I not done this strand test, she would have left my chair with a bob cut if I had bleached her hair."

You may lie to your stylist, but bleach does not lie

They stressed how important it is to tell your hairdresser exactly what's been on your hair prior to bleaching and warned: "You may lie to your stylist, but bleach does not lie."

Hundreds of shocked viewers commented on the post, with one confessing: "Omg I didn't know your hair could react like that I thought this only happened if you left it on too long."

Another shared: "I asked my stylist to do a strand test and he said it'll take too much time. My hair was melting off when he finished."

A third joked they are always upfront about what they've previously put on their hair, adding: "I have a notes page on my phone with everything I've done to my hair since 2014. I ain't playing around."

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