Strictly Come Dancing head judge Shirley Ballas has told a new podcast from TeamDogs that her pup Charlie helped her cope with Covid.

The guest on episode one of Fetch. Chase. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. , also talks about new owners’ regret and urged people who got a dog during lockdown to never give up on the new addition to their family.

Shirley, who rescued her dog three-and-a-half years ago, told podcast hosts Hannah Jones and Karen Price that Charlie has been her “everything”.

The beloved Lhasa Apso was close to being put down at the Barks and Bitches shelter in Los Angeles, and had health problems when he was adopted by Shirley.

“He was in the corner, he was a flea-bitten mess. You couldn’t see his face because he was a ball of dirt with his little broken hip and everything,” she recalls.

Shirley explained that Charlie was due to be euthanised. But thanks to the Strictly favourite, he was rescued from that ill fate and given a second chance at happiness.

And that happiness has extended both ways with Shirly describing Charlie as her best friend.

The Strictly head judge also begged new dog owners who took in puppies during lockdown to stick by their pets even if facing ‘puppy regret’.

She said: “They’re babies. Don’t give up on them, don’t.”

So whether you’re popping us on during your walk in the park or while you’re cleaning up after your pup - you can listen to the Fetch. Chase. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. podcast here.

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“He’s turned out to be my best friend that’s for sure,” she said.

Other dog pod guests include Coronation Street actress Samia Longchambon and her maltipoo Ralf who helped get her through some tough times, and TV farmers Rob and Dave Nicholson from Channel Five’s On The Farm who know first hand the challenges of dog training.

A new episode of the podcast, which takes a sideways look at puppy parenting during the pandemic and beyond, will drop every Tuesday for the next five weeks.

Each episode of Fetch. Chase. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. follows the adventures - and misadventures - of new puppy parents Hannah Jones and Karen Price, as they delve into the dog-eat-dog-poop world with cockapoo Bryn and springer spaniel Suggs.

Join them as they chart their progress with their boys, sharing the ups, the downs, the new tricks, the chewed up furniture, and everything brilliant dog-hair covered challenge in between.

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