Terrorist Sudesh Amman’s former girlfriend has said she relived the ‘nightmare’ of their relationship when she heard he had been shot dead by police in south London.

The woman, who spoke anonymously to ITV News, described how she was ‘emotionally and psychologically’ hurt by Amman during their relationship.

The 20-year-old Islamic State supporter, who was killed after he stabbed two people in Streatham on Sunday, told his ex-partner to behead her ‘disbeliever’ parents, she added.

Amman, who was jailed for possessing and distributing terrorist documents in December 2018, was freed from prison less than a fortnight ago and had been staying at a bail hostel in nearby Leigham Court Road.

Amman’s ex-girlfriend, who did not know he had been freed, said: ‘He never hurt me physically, but emotionally and psychologically he did. I felt trapped.



‘I tried to deal with it by myself, but it affected me tremendously.

‘He seemed OK at first, but it quickly became apparent that things weren’t right.’

The woman, who did not agree with Amman’s radical views, added his knife rampage and subsequent death had brought back bad memories and left her feeling ‘traumatised’ and ‘horrified’.

She added: ‘I just live in fear – it shouldn’t be like this.

‘But it’s given me some closure that I don’t feel trapped in a situation anymore.’

Scotland Yard said armed officers were following Amman on foot as part of a ‘proactive counter-terrorism surveillance operation’ in Streatham High Road.

The three victims were taken by ambulance to south London hospitals.

One man, in his 40s, is no longer considered to be in a life-threatening condition following treatment, police said.

A woman in her 50s, a teacher at a nearby school, had non-life threatening injuries and has been discharged from hospital.

Police said a second woman, in her 20s, who suffered minor injuries believed to have been caused by glass following the discharge of a police firearm, continues to receive treatment.