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Stacey Solomon shows off her boobs after 4-minute breast lift live on Loose Women

STACEY Solomon showed off the results of a four-minute boob lift live on Loose Women after telling viewers her breasts were "lower than most".

The 30-year-old star was taken backstage during the ad break and was given the bizarre procedure - which involved yards of sticky gaffer tape.

She had earlier told viewers her boobs were naturally low and even boasted that she could store things underneath them.

Stacey wasn't impressed with the results, complaining that yards of tape had to be stuck on to stop her breasts going under her armpits.

She said: "If you feel the need to do this, I think that's really sad because you shouldn't. It's a waste of your money and a waste of your time.

"If your boobs start off in your waist like mine and you try and then you try and lift them up, they have to go somewhere.

"Where they go is under your armpits. So then I had to get some tape to try and pull them round to the front hence to the very funny shape we've got going on here."

However, boyfriend Joe Swash, appearing via video link from Chessington seemed happier, joking: "I know exactly what I'm going to ask Santa for. Gaffer tape."

Stacey hit back: "For yourself?"

The 37-year-old ex-EastEnders actor added: "I love Stacey's boobies, exactly as they are."

The amateur boob job was pioneered by Loose Women's Nadia Sawalha, who posted a video of the technique mocking a similar - but less painful - one revealed by Kim Kardashian.

She helped her co-star get taped up during the break, with audio being played off the strange backstage encounter.

The Loose Women panel giggled as Stacey told her: "These massive boobs are going to fall straight out of there."

Stacey Solomon jokes if she was 'having it off' with Joe Swash she wouldn't put her Christmas tree up so early