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Stacey Solomon reveals her incredible tree as she looks forward to Rex’s first Christmas

STACEY Solomon has revealed her incredible tree as she looks forward to Rex’s first Christmas.

The busy mum-of-three said she couldn't wait any longer to decorate her home - despite Christmas still being five weeks away.

Proud of how it had turned out, Stacey posted snaps of her posing by the tree with a happy baby Rex.

She said: "The tree is up. I couldn’t wait any longer. Sorry to anyone who thinks it’s far too early but I just had to put the tree up today.

"It’s Rex’s first Christmas and I want it to last as long as possible!

"Rex thinks it’s wonderful, he’s had a sensory OVERLOAD today and keeps chuckling at it.

" I love this time of year sooooo much and I am so glad I get to stare at this for the next 6 weeks.

" Hope you’re all having a lovely Thursday."

Stacey decorated the tree with her sister and posted a video of it all coming together.

She admitted they'd argued about what to put on the tree, with the sisters disagreeing on how they should decorate it.

But it all worked out in the end and baby Rex looked thrilled with the results.

She's been excited to celebrate his first Christmas with Joe and her other children.

They all posed for a family photograph, with Stacey and Joe puckering up - much to Leighton and Zachary's disgust.

The couple have recently become parents again to baby Rex, but admit marriage is "on the backburner".

Stacey admitted: “It’s not the biggest thing in our life at the moment.

“We’ve got four kids between us, we’re so focused on making sure they’re happy and that everything’s not too complicated for them because there’s a lot of dynamics in having a blended family.

“So marriage is on the back burner. And I really struggle being the centre of attention – that’s why I love being on Loose Women because I’m one of four. It’s embarrassing when it’s all about you. That part of a wedding makes me cringe.”

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