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Stacey Solomon hits back at trolls who lecture her about Rex playing in the hot sunshine


STACEY Solomon has hit back at the trolls who insist on worrying about her baby Rex being out in the sunshine.

Despite raising two boys already, some people felt it necessary to comment on the Loose Women star’s parenting abilities and whether or not her 11-month-old should be out in the sun.

With the sun making a welcome appearance in otherwise a gloomy start to the year, the 30-year-old mum of three pulled out all the stops so her entire family could enjoy the weather.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Stacey called out the “Susans” who felt the need to comment on whether Rex was “hot hot” outside or “too cold” in his adorable tent.

Speaking to the camera, she said: “To the many messages I’ve received from the Susans worrying about the temperature of my child. Is he too hot in the sun? Is he too cold in the tent?

“Seriously, it must keep you up at night and all I can suggest is…”

The star then starts singing: “Don’t worry, about a thing. Coz every little thing is going to be alright.”

Luckily Stacey is well practiced at hitting back at trolls who dare question her parenting ability.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, Stacey revealed she had been freezing sandwiches for her boys to eat and was hit with disgust from her followers.

The beauty shared on her Instagram Stories how she was now placing pre-made rolls in the freezer to help cope with her boys now being home-schooled.

Following her post she was met with criticism, however she posted back laughing: “The old Susans have been blowing up my phone again. They really don’t like the look of my frozen sandwiches.

“I’m sorry Susan but if I don’t have time to make fresh sandwiches, I certainly don’t have time to worry about what you think of my frozen ones.

“Happy homeschooling Susan.”

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