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Stacey Solomon goes on 4am Primark shopping spree before giving son Rex, 1, his first ever McDonalds breakfast

STACEY Solomon appeared thrilled as she treated herself to a early morning shopping trip to Primark.

The Loose Women star, 31, told fans she was itching to visit the department store post-lockdown as she went to shop for Christmas presents.

Heading to the popular clothing store at 4am, Stacey shared a video of herself entering the empty shop.

She explained: "So I woke up at 4am and went for a late night, early morning, nose.

"It was so empty and peaceful, I just walked around for ages.

"I gave to say #IworkwithPrimark on these - I did NOT get paid to go to Primark at 4am, it’s just the rules on here."

The trip was clearly a success for Stacey, who later posted a snap of her shopping bags.

Captioning the post, she added: "Stupid O’clock shop - done."

But the treats certainly didn't end there, as she finished the trip with a quick stop at McDonalds.

The presenter, who works with Primark, explained the fast food breakfast was the first for her son Rex.

She wrote: "Picked up some essentials for the boys & some Christmas presents…then stopped off at Maccy D’s on my way home.

"I think this might be Rex’s first McDonald’s breakfast and he was definitely loving it."

It isn't the first time Stacey has been up before most.

Earlier this week, the star revealed how her Christmas chores were keeping her awake at night.

Showing off her decorations on Instagram, Stacey explained that she needed to "offload" her "brain junk" so she could sleep soundly.

She declared: "Time to offload my brain junk…

"Going to write my thoughts down, so hopefully I won't lay there
thinking about them. Then put the pickles in bed and enjoy the whole bed.

"Joe's gone night fishing. He bribed me for the matching jumpers
I really hope you're all ok tonight, lots of love".

Stacey Solomon reveals her anxiety over Christmas jobs keeping her awake at night

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