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Sophia Loren praised as ‘goddess’ for unusual luxury item on Desert Island Discs

Sophia Loren has been applauded by fans on social media following her interview on Desert Island Discs.

The iconic Italian actor, who appeared on a recent episode of the BBC Radio 4 programme, is now trending on Twitter.

Speaking to host Lauren Laverne, Loren opened up about a number of topics, including her childhood memories of war and her “perfect role” in the 1954 film The Gold of Naples by Vittorio De Sica.

The 86-year-old, however, has gained the most social media attention for her answer to Laverne’s question as to which luxury item she would bring with her to a desert island.

Loren answered: “A pizza oven.” Although guests on the radio show – dubbed “castaways” – are typically not allowed to choose anything practical (for example, food or a life raft) Loren defended her answer, stating that making pizza is more than just food.

“It’s like writing a poem, cooking a pizza. So if you don’t feel like it don’t do it, but if you feel like then you have the time of your life,” said the Oscar winner.

One user on Twitter quoted Loren, adding: “Sophia Loren on #DesertIslandDiscs is a big Friday mewd.”

“Sophia Loren chose Debussy and Ella and her luxury item was a pizza oven. Carlo Ponti was a lucky bugger wasn’t he?” added another person.

Ponti, a film producer, was Loren’s husband from 1966 to 2007.

Among the tracks the actor chose were “Claire De Lune” by Claude Debussy – a song that she dedicated to her mother – and Ella Fitzgerald’s “I Got You Under My Skin”.

A third user commented: “Sophia Loren just chose a pizza oven as her luxury item on Desert Island Discs and honestly, I’ve never respected anyone more.” While someone else said: “Sophia Loren taking a pizza oven to her island is the kinda joy I live for.”

“Sophia Loren chose a pizza oven for her desert island. Goddess!” wrote another.

Loren most recently starred in Netflix’s The Life Ahead, a film directed by her son, Edoardo Ponti. 

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