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Snowpiercer boss reveals timeline for season 2 and plans to return to set as lockdown eases

SNOWPIERCER only concluded this week - but already show bosses are working feverishly to get its second season on screens.

The dystopian drama ended on a major cliffhanger as Mr Wilford (Sean Bean) was revealed to be alive after all and aboard a second, larger train traversing the frozen wasteland.

What's more, Melanie Cavill's (Jennifer Connelly) presumed-dead daughter made a shock appearance, boaring Snowpiercer in the finale's end scene and demanding to see her mother.

Now show boss Graeme Manson has lifted the lid on plans for production to resume as social distancing measures are eased acros the industry.

He told The Hollywood Reporter that season 2 would be released in 2021 and that work on the episodes was already underway remotely.

"Things are beginning to pick up some in Vancouver [but] the realities and the practicalities are complex. We're looking at it constantly," he explained.

"And again, we are at the point in the schedule where I can start with writers and we can start working remotely. So we can start that working. "

He stressed that while he was keen to avoid treading water, with the set being closed down during the pandemic there was only so much the team could crack on with.

To make matters worse, the very nature of the set - long, narrow compartments intended to mimic the structure of a train - made keeping distance during filming all but impossible.

He continued: "Our production schedule will probably push us into the new year anyway so, like a lot of people, we are trying to buy a lot of time, trying to keep our finger on the pulse of work-safe guidelines as much as possible.

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"And yes, our show, we have a lot of people in those sets. On the other hand, we are not a location dependent show, so we have some advantages in what we control."

He even suggested that he would have to adapt his writing in order to accodomate new guidelines where possible.

"I fully expect to be writing differently as required. We have a remote work flow system that our post producers put in place that's working," he went on.

"So it's really a one step at a time thing. I just hope we can get our crew back to work and I hope that California can get back to work as well."

Fans were stunned when the character was revealed to be alive in the finale episode, after being lead to believe that Melanie had murdered him to take control of the train.

Elsewhere, Manson revealed the "pivotal, traumatic" moment that would go on to haunt Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) in season 2.

Snowpiercer season one is available to stream on Netflix.

Sean Bean makes his first appearance in a trailer for Snowpiercer season two

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