A Scots youngster who was "terrified" of going into hospital for an operation bravely faced his fear after watching Christian Eriksen's team mates and medics spring to action after he collapsed during the Denmark V Finland game on Saturday.

Ollie McKenna, 6, was extremely anxious about having an operation to remove his teeth but was comforted by the scenes showing how quickly people rushed to protect Eriksen's life.

Mum, Syrian McKenna said watching the footage of what happened to Eriksen live on TV reassured Ollie that he would be safe getting an operation as it would also "make him better".

The Dunfermline youngster had surgery on Monday to remove some of his teeth and also drew a touching picture of the scene that inspired him to be brave from the game at the weekend, showing Eriksen's team mates surrounding him on the pitch.

Ollie after his operation on Monday

Syrian, 33, said: "The wee man has had problems with his teeth being really soft and crumbling - both myself and his dad had the same issue.

"We had been waiting a while for an appointment and we received a phone call on Friday as there had been a cancelation.

"Ollie is quite a little worrier and he was quite anxious about it.

"He was terrified.

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"On Saturday we were at my mums and we were watching the football. My mum said something bad is happening.

"Ollie started to be quite concerned about Christian Eriksen and he went away and sat himself.

The youngster is a massive Liverpool fan

"I went to see if he was okay and he said 'mummy, what are they doing to that man'?

"So I told him the captain is making sure he didn't swallow his tongue as he's unconscious and his team mates are standing around him to make sure he's okay and no one sees him poorly."

After explaining CPR to Ollie, the pair went back home and were later watching the news when it was announced that Eriksen was stable.

Ollie felt better about his operation after watching Christian Eriksen's team mates rush to his aid

After hearing the good news, Ollie said: "So really mum, the people on the pitch are there to help you so I don't really need to be scared as the operation will make me better.

Dance teacher Syrian was astounded that the tragic incident had helped Ollie overcome his fear and watched as the youngster then drew a picture of Eriksen on a stretcher with his team mates surrounding him.

Ollie included love hearts in his drawing to symbolise everyone wanting Eriksen to be well

Then when the six-year-old had to wear an oxygen mask in the Queen Victoria Hospital, he was comforted knowing it had helped save the football player at the weekend and was put at ease knowing he would be safe.

Syrian said: "What happened to Christian Eriksen has helped Ollie to understand there are people to help us everywhere."

Ollie is now waiting on the tooth fairy visiting him during the night after being allowed to take one tooth home for her but mum Syrian said he was sure he deserved extra as he had six teeth removed.

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