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Scorpio horoscope: What your star sign has in store for May 16 – 22



OCT 24 - NOV 22

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The final boost to a personal re-style comes with the sun this week - and you’re ready to test private ideas out in public.

This can link to your love tactics - and a new, more direct, approach can really hook a hard-to-impress heart.

But any fashion or health turnaround can also work out well - especially with Jupiter to add a dash of pure Scorpio personality.

DESTINY DAYS: Reboot a body plan and start again on Tuesday. Draw up a guest wish list on Thursday and start planning a special event.

LUCKY LINKS: A store with blue and white packaging. Music you adored as a child. Friends with “A” month birthdays.

SPRING INTO SUMMER: First up on your star radar for the next few months is a sense of luck that surrounds you thanks to Jupiter.

Circumstances may not change all that much but your attitude towards them can. So you feel lighter and less weighed down by worries. And a home or travel-based day you never thought would arrive can appear on your calendar. Sharing deepest desires is a better move than hiding them away.

Curly hair, striped clothes and walls and camping or other outdoor pursuits are all worth a second - or more - glance.

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