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Savvy mum shows how to make sure your toothbrush charger doesn’t go scummy each time you use it & it costs nothing

HAVE you recently bought an electric toothbrush and are already dreading the charger going scummy?

Luckily for us - and our chargers - a savvy cleaning fan has figured out the way to ensure it doesn't happen.

The best part?

It costs absolutely nothing.


The Bournemouth-based mum-of-three, Charlotte Lock, is a busy parent and most certainly isn't the one with hours to spend on cleaning.

''This hack will blow your mind!'' and will definitely prevent your chargers from getting spoilt.

For this, you will need to take a cotton pad and fold it in half - and fold the half again.

Just like you would back in the childhood when cutting paper snowflakes, you snip off the top it - so once opened, there should be a hole in the middle.

All that's left is sticking the cotton pad on top and that's it, no more dripping toothpaste ruining the charger!

However, most viewers didn't seem as impressed with this hack, with someone pointing out: ''I think that's a fire hazard!''

Another person added: ''The cotton wool pad sticks.

''Better cleaning it!''

For those who want to get rid of the build-up, a cleaning fan shared: ''Spray with descaled and leave overnight.

''Run under sink and clean off with a nail brush.''

According to someone, vinegar also does the job just fine.

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