SUE Dempsey is a quiet, thoughtful person who enjoys people watching and listening.

Her knowledge of human nature has enabled her to produce a book of amusing poems entitled It’s The Little Things.

“I try to make my verses short and snappy because people’s attention can drift off.” she said.

One of the snappiest is called The Rehearsal.

Another is entitled Truth or Tact showing that sometimes it is good to tell white lies,

The 71-year-old from Sale said she enjoyed reading her poems out loud at the Success Stories storytelling club where she is a member,

She said: “I cannot memorise words so always read from the book. It acts as a comfort blanket for me.”

Sue always enjoyed writing. She said: “I loved it at school in Accrington when we got essays for homework.

“I started writing again four years ago when I joined the now defunct writing group Sale Scribblers.”

Sue’s style of writing has been compared to Pam Ayres and she’s also a fan of Victoria Wood.

n It’s the Little Things can be purchased, priced £5 from [email protected] where details of storytelling meetings can also be found.