RuPaul's Drag Race UK stars The Vivienne, Veronica Green and Tia Kofi say they've had to totally rethink the way they use social media after a terrifying bomb scare.

They were rehearsing for their upcoming show Drag Queens of Pop in London nightclub Heaven when a bomb threat forced them to evacuate.

Thankfully no one was hurt and the bomb wasn't real, but of course they didn't know that at the time.

The trio, who rose to fame on the UK version of the famous drag competition, thanked police who rushed to the scene to look after them, and said they'll think twice about posting their location on social media in the future.

They had to evacuate their rehearsal after a bomb threat
They had to evacuate their rehearsal after a bomb threat

During an exclusive chat with the Mirror ahead of their shows at the Vaudeville Theatre in the West End next week, Veronica said: "It’s been a really dramatic week.

"To be honest I never thought that we would go through something like this. We were warned, the BBC gave us a massive talk about this kind of thing and you just take for granted when you post where your location is that the world is watching us and somebody supposedly took that opportunity to play a sick joke on us.

"The police do believe it was a targeted attack, so it’s pretty terrifying whether it was a prank or not, we didn’t know for hours whether or not it was the real thing."

She added: "Think of the police resources that were wasted! Charing Cross station was shut for hours, so many commuters and trains were cancelled and held up.

"As the hours went by and we were waiting to be let back in, seeing all the other business owners around us and people who had come out who’d been forced out of work and into the street, and just realising how many people’s lives were disrupted by it, I started to feel guilty.

The Vivienne says she'll rethink posting on social media
The Vivienne says she'll rethink posting on social media

"We shouldn’t have to feel that way. It was an odd situation because when the police first came to Heaven we thought it was a noise complaint because Heaven hadn’t been open for months."

Season one winner The Vivienne added: "Just as Veronica said, it could be from the fact we all posted on Instagram and you just don’t think that’s gonna happen.

"You’ve got to promote a show so it’s completely made me rethink what I do with social media.

"I’m a big one for it and I can get very story happy sometimes because you just forget and want to show people nice things you see and all of a sudden it was running through my head that if someone really did want to hurt us - okay the bomb was a hoax as we found out later on - but if that person had genuine intent to hurt us they could have watched us come out of Heaven and do anything to us so it’s super, super scary."

She added: "The police did the most fantastic job of securing the area, making us feel so safe. Literally within 10 minutes the street was shut down and the tube station was closed, so a big thank you to them."

Speaking about their shows from May 17 to 19, Tia, who has just released new single Look What You've Done, said that despite everything, they're determined to go ahead with the "amazing" nights they have planned.

Veronica said it's something she never thought would happen
Veronica said it's something she never thought would happen

She explained: "It’s the three of us - one winner and two people who didn’t win - and our good gal pal Shania Payne, we’re all performing the hits so you can expect a lot of girl band classics and modern pop songs, we’re doing the full range, taking you from the 80s straight through to the current day."

Vivienne, who is set to appear on Celebrity Karaoke Club: Drag Queen Edition with a number of her UK and US co-stars, teased: "It’s gonna be a great retrospective of British pop from Spice Girls to Little Mix to Girls Aloud.

"Is this the forming of a new girl band? Who knows?"

Tia says the show is going to be amazing
Tia says the show is going to be amazing

And Veronica pointed out: "It’s all live vocals as well.

"One thing that the UK queens have over the US queens is live vocals is our bread and butter and we want to show people we can perform and entertain a crowd live.

"And considering we’re the first stage to reopen on the West End as well is a privilege that I don’t think any of us expected to have, and that adds another little bit of fairy dust to the excitement."

* Click here to book tickets for Drag Queens of Pop at The Vaudeville Theatre in London - Limited tickets still available for May 18 and 19 (with May 17 already sold out)