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RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice throws drink on costars after she’s confronted over ordering Danielle to pull Margaret’s hair

THE DRINKS keep on flying during this season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey with Teresa Giudice throwing her drink at Dolores Catania during the season finale.

The mother of four had had enough after the housewives confronted her about egging Danielle Staub to pull on Margaret Joseph's ponytail during their epic fight.

The housewives had gotten together for a small get-together with friends and family when tensions started to run high after Melissa Gorga told the rest of the housewives that Teresa had told Danielle to pull Margaret's hair.

As they all circled around Melissa, she said: "She said she was on the fence and said 'I don't know'. And then you said 'Do it.'"

The rest of the housewives were obviously shocked at these accusations and it didn't seem like Teresa did much to defend herself or deny the fact as she stood around with her red cup in hand.

With the housewives taking sides, Danielle can be heard saying: "You are a real f**king a**hole."

Dolores Catania - whose son took Teresa's daughter to prom - turned to Teresa and said: "You have to be going to bat for her and look what she just f**king did to you."

She was talking about the fact that Danielle had revealed to Melissa what had really happened before the hair-pulling.

Teresa, who was clearly over the whole situation, splashed her drink at Catania and stormed off.

During last week's episode, it was revealed Teresa had agreed with boutique owner Steven that Danielle should grab Margaret's hair.

The truth came out when Danielle met co-star Melissa, 40, at the Jersey Shore.

As the two women sat down to discuss the drama, Melissa said: "You whipped her neck. She had to go to the hospital. It is not okay."

Danielle replied: "She treats me like I'm f***ing disposable, and I finally had a f***ing 'nough."

She later added: "I think we'd all had a lot to drink. I was also influenced. I was done when I emptied Margaret's bag in the candle. I was finished.

"But then Steven told me I should go pull her hair.

"When Steven said, 'Do it,' I hesitated, but then Teresa said, 'Yeah. Pull her hair'."

A video then went on to show Danielle's version of events.

At the time of the incident, Teresa took Danielle's side but their relationship has since come to an end.

Teresa told Andy Cohen on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live: "She was a good friend while it lasted.

"She broke our trust. Loyalty was broken. And that's it. That's why we're not friends anymore."

Following the dramatic season, Danielle revealed she is finally done with RHONJ and will never return to the show.

During the season finale, fans will also see the beautiful reunion between Joe Giudice and his daughters.

The same can't be said for Teresa and Joe as this is the fateful trip where they ended their relationship, especially after Teresa refused to share a bed with her husband of 20 years.

During the preview, Teresa told Joe: "When you marry someone, they're supposed to protect you, and then everything came crashing down."

Joe then turned to Teresa and asked her: "Do you want to end it now?"

Fans will know that Teresa announced their separation after the trip.

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