The head of Renfrewshire Council's planning board is facing a call to resign from her post after she failed to explain her reasons for turning down a major housing application prior to it being thrown out.

At a remote meeting earlier this week, Councillor Marie McGurk moved to refuse a proposal for more than 600 homes to be built on surplus land at Dykebar Hospital, Paisley.

She garnered instant unanimous support from fellow elected members and the plans from a consortium of Barratt Homes, Cala Homes and Bellway Homes were rejected.

However, it has since emerged Councillor McGurk did not circulate her reasons for rejecting the plans to other members of the board ahead of the meeting, meaning they have not been officially agreed.

This mishap now leaves the move open to challenge from the developers, since planning chiefs are currently unable to place any rubber-stamped reasons for refusal on their decision notice.

Councillor McGurk blamed a technical glitch on Microsoft Teams for the problem.

It is also understood Councillor McGurk sent her reasons to the Save Paisley's Green Space group - who fought against the plans - after the meeting without highlighting them to councillors.

Eddie Devine, leader of the council's Labour group, has now insisted Councillor McGurk must step down as convener of the board over the error.

"The planning board is one of the most important boards on the council and for Councillor McGurk to rush this important decision through in a matter of about 20 seconds shows she is not fit to do her job," said Councillor Devine.

"I think she should be resigning from her position. You've got to explain your reasons for any refusal.

Councillor Eddie Devine has called for health bosses to take over the running of the care home.

"I attended the Hawkhead and Lochfield Community Council meeting on Tuesday night when an email was produced from Councillor McGurk to the Save Paisley Green Space group saying why the plans had been refused.

"It's highly unusual for a convener to do that while not telling elected members."

After the decision had been made, Councillor McGurk said at the meeting she would then "give the officers the reasons for it" and would make sure members of the board received a copy.

It is understood those reasons have now been sent to all councillors and officers are trying to arrange a special board meeting next week in order for them to be publicly agreed.

Members of the Save Paisley Green Space group also shared the statement they received from Councillor McGurk on their Facebook page.

It said: "The high level of tree cover being removed to accommodate housing units has an unacceptable impact on the natural environment, contrary to Scottish Planning Policy.

"The applicant has failed to demonstrate the proposed land raising would not impact on the potential for increased flooding.

"The proposed development creates identifiable issues regarding capacity at a number of local schools within the catchment area. This is potentially disadvantageous for pupils.

"The proposal increases the level of carbon emissions and, coupled with the removal of extensive tree cover, it will have a net contribution to carbon emissions which have not been fully mitigated by other measures. This is contrary to the adopted council policy on climate change.

"The local road network infrastructure and capacity will be adversely impacted and mitigation measures have not been proposed.

"It is considered the density scale and layout of this proposal is not appropriate to the site. The development fails to contribute positively to the character and appearance of the place."

Councillor McGurk declined to comment on calls for her to resign and claimed her grounds for refusal should've been shared with members in the Microsoft Teams chat box during the meeting.

She said: “The application for Dykebar to be refused was approved by the full planning board unanimously.

“The practice with regards to submitting the reasons is to utilise the Microsoft Teams chat function.

“It was discovered immediately after the meeting that this had not happened.

“Due to this occurrence, the council have called another meeting of the board to ensure elected members are comfortable with the grounds for refusal, and to ensure our processes are complete.

“We will also be reviewing the way this process works for future meetings to ensure the process is robust.

“Members can submit their views verbally and electronically.”