Renfrew Football Club are determined to make the beautiful game accessible to every single person that wants to play it.

The club already boasts adult men’s and ladies’ teams, as well as a huge number of junior sides for various age groups.

And now Renfrew’s committee, led by club president Tom Johnston, have introduced a new walking football group in a bid to get even more people back playing the sport.

With the aid of Renfrewshire Leisure, the first session took place at New Western Park on Wednesday.

And Johnston hopes that the players that came will spread the word of how enjoyable it was to kick a ball about with friends once again.

He told Express Sport: “I was behind setting the group up, along with the committee.

“We’re very active and we’re all about being involved in the community.

“There are already so many teams at the club, mens’, ladies and kids, and it just seems to keep on growing. Long may that continue.

“There was nothing in place for people of a certain age though, which was why we decided to start our new over-50’s group.

“The first session was brilliant. We were fortunate with the weather and all the initial feedback was tremendous.

“We’re always trying to make the game accessible to everyone in Renfrew and further afield and hopefully this group is another step towards that target.”

The sessions will continue to take place every Wednesday from 11am until noon, costing just £3 a time.

Johnston believes there are huge physical and mental health benefits to those taking part, particularly due to the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Johnston said: “There’s a huge health benefit. Every GP tells you once you get to a certain age that you’ve got to try and keep exercising.

“Then there’s a social aspect to football as well.

“Football definitely helps you meet people, whether it’s through supporting a club or playing yourself.

“While we hope players in this group might become fans of the club as well, we also hope they’ll make some friends too because far too many people have been left isolated over the last few years.

“We’d also love to see some female players join in too.

“There’s no limit on numbers and hopefully as more people hear about it we’ll be able to welcome even more along to join in.”