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Ratched viewers left ‘vomiting’ as asylum patients covered in leeches and lobotomised in disturbing scenes


RATCHED viewers have been left “vomiting” as asylum patients are covered in leeches and lobotomised in incredibly disturbing scenes.

The eight-episode Netflix series tells the origin story of Nurse Mildred Ratched, best known for being the villain in the Oscar-winning film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. 

Set in a psychiatric hospital in California in 1947, patients are subjected to horrifying, experimental and grotesque treatments at the hands of its supposed care givers.

Considering the last recorded lobotomy was carried out in 1967 (can you believe?) in America, it’s understandable that viewers should expect to see the procedure during the series. 

Over the course of the first season, several lobotomies are shown – first as a trepanation in which a hole is drilled into the human skull, and later with an ice pick hammered in through the eye socket.

Shockingly, both methods were real. 

The level of graphic violence that saturates the entire first season – and the sheer knowledge that being gay was treated as a mental illness – has shocked those with even the strongest of stomachs. 

Taking to Twitter, viewers shared their horror at some of the scenes.

One wrote: “Okay I love the story of ratched so much and its so good but also its so damn graphic that I wanna vomit most of the time (didn't. Yet.)”

“Dr Hanover’s procedures are disgusting. Why does he think it’s ok to torture people?,” added another.

And a third penned: “Just found 'Ratched' on Netflix… How disgusting to see how they used to treat people with mental illnesses. Being gay was also seen as a mental illness. Boy, we've come a long way as humanity.”

“Seeing a leech was worse than seeing someone cutting their arms. Really I almost vomit,’ revealed a fourth. 

Nurse Mildred Ratched is played by Sarah Paulson, best known for her performances in American Horror Story.

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