Scottish football always throws up surprises but I didn’t expect to arrive in Glasgow to go to my work and end up watching Celtic and Rangers in European action from my hotel room.

It was a bizarre and baffling turn of events that saw myself and Neil Lennon told we were not allowed to do our jobs at Ibrox the other night.

To me it just looks like Rangers have gone full Trump these days. It turns out their groundbreaking diversity and inclusion programme ‘Everyone Anyone’ doesn’t apply to former Celtic players.

It’s just ridiculous.

Stewart Robertson has the audacity to complain about the Sky television deal – which he agreed to at the time – and at the same time he’s trying to tell broadcasters who they can employ.

That is a sure-fire way to chase them away, never mind convince them to pay more money.

The security issue Robertson raised with BT just sounds like nonsense. The timeline doesn’t work for a start.

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We would have been inside Ibrox long before kick-off when there would not be many fans around. We would have been gone by half-time, so at no stage would we be walking in to traffic.

But by telling BT Sports there were security concerns, ask yourselves these questions?

Where was the risk? Was it caused by two former Celtic players working as pundits at Ibrox as they have done on many occasions – or was Stewart Robertson questioning the behaviour of his own club’s supporters?

I know there was talk about anti-discrimination group FARE being in the stands, so was Robertson concerned there might have been some reaction to us that could have got them in to trouble?

If that’s the case it says more about Rangers than it does about us.

What does it say about Lennon? They don’t like him as a former Celtic manager who might have upset them from time to time.

If they’re saying he’s a security risk now, what happens if he comes back as a manager of another Scottish team? Will they not be able to guarantee his safety then? That’s mind-blowing.

But what if it’s not about this so-called security risk? What if it’s just because they don’t want anyone in to Ibrox who isn’t prepared to just say nice things about them?

That’s even more ridiculous.

I’ve been going to Ibrox to work for years. I absolutely battered them when Pedro Caixinha was in charge – and most Rangers fans agreed with me.

Ibrox Stadium
The Ibrox gates were locked for the punditry pair

It’s the same with Celtic. They’ve not been happy with my opinions on numerous occasions over the years but I’ve just called it as I’ve seen it.

When I was at Ibrox for the Premier Sports Cup last season I was made aware through production staff I wasn’t welcome there.

There were no fans in the ground so it wasn’t a security concern then. It’s about not wanting any kind of dissenting voice around the place.

What is this, North Korea? It’s totalitarian stuff. It’s our job as pundits to be critical. We have to call it as we see it and not sugarcoat things.

Myself and Ally McCoist debate the big issues every single week, we both wind each other up and have a laugh about it.

It’s good-natured banter and sometimes we’ll have a tongue-in-cheek dig at each other’s clubs.

But it’s all good fun. That’s the way it should be.

When there are times to talk about serious issues we can do that as well. But you can’t have clubs trying to gag people who simply have an opinion they don’t like or played for clubs they don’t like.

Where does it end? Will Hearts refuse to let pundits in to Tynecastle who played for Hibs? In Dundee this weekend, will former Dens Park players be told to stay away from Tannadice?

There will be no one left to talk up the game.

I just don’t know where Rangers are going right now as they seem to be going down a dark path.

McCoist and Sutton
McCoist and Sutton often exchange lighthearted digs on BT

When I was a Celtic player this was always a club that had a bit of class and dignity. We might not have liked them much and we were always determined to beat them.

But there was still a respect there. We saw Rangers as a huge club, a massive institution, and they acted like one. These days they are just behaving so small fry.

I keep wondering what Steven Gerrard thinks about it all. The media have been shut out and pundits can’t do their job, it’s hardly the conduct of a big club.

He had highs and lows in his career at Liverpool and there were times they were criticised as they’d gone decades without winning the league.

He’s also been a pundit. Do you really think Manchester United would shut him out of Old Trafford if he was working?

The strange thing is this is meant to be a happy time for Rangers. They won the league at a canter last season. They secured 55 and stopped Celtic’s bid for 10 in a row.

They are at the very top of the game in Scotland and the smart money is on Rangers retaining their title as Celtic have a fair bit of catching up to do to get their house in order.

Gerrard has built a strong squad that can compete in Europe. The good times are back but the club just seems to be constantly angry.

I don’t get it. And I don’t know where it goes because at least in America Trump could get voted out.