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Rachel Riley says she has ‘no qualms about highlighting Jeremy Corbyn’s racism’ after photoshopped t-shirt storm

COUNTDOWN star Rachel Riley has defended her photoshopped Jeremy Corbyn tshirt - and said she is "proud to highlight his racism".

Riley, 33, sparked fury among lefties after editing away an anti-apartheid slogan on a photo of the embattled Labour leader - and replacing it with an anti-Corbyn slogan.

Corbyn has faced severe backlash after he was accused of failing to deal with the problem - despite him claiming he had "taken action".

Pregnant Rachel led the outrage when she was pictured covering her baby bump in a T-shirt saying: "Jeremy Corbyn is a racist endeavour".

The phrase is a reference to a series of posters that appeared in London describing Israel as a racist endeavour.

She Tweeted: "I didn’t feel comfortable knowing my workplace was to be full of racists tonight. I don’t endorse Boris, but I do endorse #NeverCorbyn. Please see my pinned thread if you still don’t understand why. #LeadersDebate #LabourAntisemitism.”

Corbyn's leadership has been dogged by allegations of anti-Semitism in the party – with MPs quitting in protest and a criminal investigation into hate-crime launched.

The Jewish TV star was leaving the ITV studios in Salford, Greater Manchester, as Corbyn was entering to go head-to-head with Boris Johnson in last night's debate.


Ex-Strictly star Rachel has been a vocal critic of Corbyn and anti-Semitism within the Labour party.

She has been attacked by left-wing trolls in the past after sharing links which criticised the PM candidate.

In September, we revealed Corbyn supporters called the star “shallow and mendacious”, but she refused to join them in a slanging match.

Corbyn was last night embroiled in another row over anti-Semitism when Boris accused him of a failure of leadership over the issue.

The highlights of the TV debate

The audience even laughed when Corbyn claimed he had tackled anti-Jew hate in the party.

Corbyn said: "Anti-Semitism is an absolute evil and scourge within our society.

"I have taken action in my party, where anyone who has committed any anti-Semitic acts or made any anti-Semitic statements, they are either suspended or expelled from the party and we've investigated every single case.

"We do take this very seriously indeed."

David Baddiel also waded in on the row today by tweeting "every Jew noticed" as the Leftie boss mispronounced Jeffrey Epstein's name.

The comic shared a tweet during the ITV debate that questioned: "does calling him "EpSHtein" make him sound more Jewish?"

Epstein is normally pronounced as it is written, while critics said Corbyn used a "Germanic twist".

The party leaders went head-to-head in their first televised debate last night, with Boris Johnson narrowly winning.

Audience laugh when Jeremy Corbyn claims to tackle anti-Semitism

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