Retail giant Primark has confirmed that one of its most popular Christmas products will soon be returning to stores - and shoppers couldn't be happier.

Dropping the news on social media, Primark revealed that its popular £16 Harry Potter advent calendar will soon be making its comeback.

Posting on Facebook, Primark wrote: "This year’s coveted Harry Potter calendar is making its way into stores…

"When the autumn term draws to a close, make sure you have this Hogwarts advent calendar on-hand to start the Christmas countdown in wizarding style

"Fill the drawers with all kinds of treats – this will be a Christmas tradition you can continue for years to come! Advent Calendar £16."

Responding to the post, one shopper said: "Gosh this is beautiful I hope our little store has some in."

Another wrote: "Wow it’s lovely."

"Omg I need/must have this," said a third.

Somebody else added: "Wow!! That’s really good! £16 too!!"

And just to make sure shoppers don't have to waste time visiting stores where the advent calendar isn't in stock, Primark has also issued a full list of the locations where people will be able to buy one.

Primark says its Harry Potter advent calendar will be available at the following shops:

Primark is yet to confirm an official date for the return of the £16 Harry Potter advent calendar.