Malin Andersson has shared an inspirational message with her fans after announcing her baby news.

It comes after Malin revealed that she is pregnant with her second child on Sunday, two years after the tragic death of her baby daughter Consy.

In her post, Malin, who is expecting a child with her boyfriend Jared, said that "creating a life you love" requires "growth" and "expanding your heart, soul and mind".

She shared the post on Monday morning, captioning it with the date.

Malin shared her daily 'Malin's Mantra' (



The quote was written in black text on a pink glittery background.

it read: "Creating a life your love, like actually creating it, for real, and really loving it, will require that you always seek to grow and expand your heart, your soul, mind, and vibration — to new levels."

At the end of the quote, it said: "I fight for causes that pain me."

Malin was clearly in a reflective mood after sharing her happy news over the weekend.

Malin announced her news over the weekend (



She made the announcement by sharing a black and white photo of herself and her boyfriend cradling her bump.

"My next chapter. My new beginning. My happy ending. My entire universe. All mine," Malin captioned the photo.

"I can't describe to you all how I feel writing this. Everything I've ever wanted, everything I visualised.

"A solid partner in my life, who has been there in the background - witnessed my life over the past 4 years and has stuck by me as a friend.. and now a lover.

Malin's daughter Consy died in 2019 (


Malin Andersson/Instagram)

"This couldn't feel any more right - and we're now bringing a beautiful soul into this world.

"My heart feels electric writing this, my eyes tearing up... because I can promise you all there was once upon a time I never thought I could experience this.

"I was wrong. It just wasn't the right time. All the pain I've endured has led to this very moment... my own little family."

Malin then addressed her late mum, who died in 2017 after battling cancer.

Malin has shared her joy at being pregnant again (



She also spoke to her daughter Consy, who tragically passed away at just four weeks old after being born seven weeks premature in 2019.

This is her first baby with her partner Jared, who she went public with back in June.

Malin continued: 'Mumma - I know you're looking down with bright eyes and a big smile.

"Baby Consy - protect us from above. This is us now."