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Prankster promises girlfriend a spa weekend – then takes her on tour of 9 SPAR convenience stores


PRANKSTER David Burrows told his girlfriend they were going on a spa weekend for Valentine’s — and then took her on a tour of Spar convenience stores.

Excited nursery worker Sue Pakey, 44, packed a bag in readiness for two days of luxury pampering.

But she was horrified when teaching assistant David ­Burrows, 37, drove her around nine local shops instead.

He said: “I thought it would be funny. I did buy her something in each one, I’m not a total monster.”

The couple have been together for 17 years and although David does have a romantic side he is also a practical joker.

Sue had been looking forward to a nice sauna and massage.

But after setting off from their home in Birmingham and driving for two miles David pulled up outside a Spar store.

Sue said: “When we stopped he said, ‘Here we are then.’ He popped in to get some things but I just thought he was buying some snacks.

“We got to the second one and I thought, ‘What is going on — we are not going on a Spar tour are we?’”

Her worst fears were realised when he pulled up outside another one . . . and another one.

David insisted they take a selfie outside each one and Sue reluctantly agreed, with a face like thunder.

He said: “She wasn’t very impressed.

“If you say you are going on a spa weekend everyone thinks s-p-a. But I thought it would be funny to go on a Spar weekend.

“We spent the next couple of hours driving around Spars in Birmingham. She did eventually see the funny side.”

David did take Sue out for a Valentine’s meal and knows he will have to take her away on a real spa weekend to make up for his prank. She said: “This is going to cost him.”

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