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Power’s Naturi Naughton reveals daughter’s death scene was heartbreaking to film as she was pregnant in real life

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POWER'S Naturi Naughton has revealed her on-screen daughter's death scene was heartbreaking to film as she was pregnant in real life.

The 36-year-old actress played Tasha St.Patrick in the hit Starz series, which came to an end after six seasons earlier this year.

Looking back at her time on the show, Naturi revealed one scene from season four which was particularly difficult for her to film.

The scene in question saw Tasha and husband James 'Ghost' St. Patrick dealing with the death of their daughter Raina.

She said: "For me the first scene I think of is a scene in season four, I forget the name of that episode, but Ghost and Tasha are in the car.

“They're having a conversation about how Raina is dead and Omari is like 'I know!'”

Ghost then cracks under his typically stoic exterior to swear at his wife and grieve his daughter, with Naturi adding: "It's such a famous moment because sometimes my friends meet me and they'll say 'I know!'

"It was hard for me to do that because I was actually five months pregnant in that scene.

"I covered it in the scene before but I was carrying and running and it's amazing. That was hard for me.”

Naturi went on to welcome her first child, a baby girl, in July 2017.

The actress will reprise her role in one of the four spin-off series currently in the works, Power Book II: Ghost.

The series picks up in the aftermath of the Power series finale which saw Tasha's son Tariq revealed as the person who shot and killed James.

Power is available to stream on Netflix.

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