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Power’s Angela Valdez star cast in Kaley Cuoco’s new film – but fans are NOT happy

'want you back'

POWER fans have begged for Angela Valdez to be brought back to the show after she was brutally killed off.

Fans hijacked actress Lela Loren’s announcement she would be starring alongside Kevin Hart and Woody Harleson in Man From Toronoto, her first major role since Power.

Instead of celebrating her new role, they took over her Instagram and begged her to return to Power and recreate some of her steamy sex scenes with star of the show Ghost, played by Omari Hardwick.

Viewers went crazy when Lela wrote on Instagram: “So thrilled to be part of this team. #manfromtoronto”

One wrote: “I just want you back on Power :( “

Another said: “Angie I miss you.”

A third wrote: “Hopefully you make a love scene in there. Lol.”

A fourth chimed in: “Do your thing queen, but please, please, please tell them not to kill you off in this joint.”

Fans continued to scream out her screen name as Ghost did when she lay dying in his arms when she was shot by Tommy Egan in the Netflix show.

One wrote: “ANGIE!!!”

While another said “Forever Angela Valdez.”

However some fans were keen to point out she had the right to move on to other roles and not just be known as Angela Valdez.

One said: “Her name is not Angie or Angela smh.”

Power is available to stream now on Starz Play via Amazon Prime video.

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