Police are seeking information after a Jackapoo dog was attacked by a Staffie-cross leaving its owner with a £600 vet bill.

At around 6pm on January 29, a man was out walking his Jackapoo on Ryelands Park in Lancaster.

While he was walking close to the nursery, a large, sandy-coloured Staffie-cross dog attacked it.

It is believed the Staffie-cross was out with two young men, and was not on a lead.

A spokesperson for the police said: "At around 6pm on January 29, a man was walking his dog (a Jackapoo breed) on Ryelands Park, Lancaster close to the nursery when a large, sandy coloured Staffie-cross dog has attacked it causing injury that cost the owner £600 in vet bills.

"The aggressive dog was not on a lead and was with two young males.

"The incident caused significant stress to the owner of the injured Jackapoo."

If you have any information regarding this incident then please email: [email protected]